Bonpoint x Liberty
Bonpoint x Liberty

Bonpoint x Liberty


 Since its inception, the history of Bonpoint has been inseparable from that of the Liberty Tana Lawn fabric.

After the cherry logo, this floral print is the image that immediately comes to the mind of customers and fans of the children's fashion house. This beloved print has been featured in every single one of the Bonpoint collections since the creation of the House in 1975. Marie France Cohen, the founder of Bonpoint, was passionate about Liberty fabrics and included them in her very first collections.

 With its beautiful, brilliant colors, subtle combinations, and exclusive quality fabrics, over time, the Liberty print has become a signature aesthetic and a part of the Bonpoint family.

 Some of our iconic designs have always been associated with this Liberty fabric. The smocked Duchess features the Liberty print dress, as well as the peasant dress with square sleeves, or the Passion dress worn by Jane Birkin when she was pregnant with her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg. Season after season, it is constantly being integrated into our collections: blouses, accessories, swimwear, and the famous Cerise doll.

Since 1884, the Liberty fabric has owed its universal success to its original mission, which has remained constant: a secret bespoke printing process, unique in the world, consisting of an alliance of 12 to 18 shades. Its combination of traditional printing techniques and cutting-edge digital printing technology is, without a doubt, Liberty's strong point.

This fabric, made from high-quality cotton (the famous Tana Lawn), almost feels like silk. It is the result of innovative technology combined with the continual honing of skills and processes. What makes it unique? Liberty fabric is an exceptional material because it is lightweight, durable, and silky to the touch.