Girl - Special Occasions Collection

Bonpoint celebrates the most memorable moments with a selection of elegant formal dresses for little girls. White is used in a delicately smocked poplin or tulle embroidered with sequins.


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Charlotte Party Dress light yellowTulle floral-embroidered dress

starting from 445,00€

Fabiola Dress pale pinkSmocked dress in organic Liberty fabric

starting from 325,00€

Gladys Dress ecruSeersucker dress

starting from 445,00€

Ella Mary Janes ecruBabies à brides en cuir

starting from 155,00€

Fantasy Dress milk whiteEmbroidered tulle dress with straps

starting from 795,00€

Aisha Mary Janes powdered roseLeather Mary Janes with strap

starting from 165,00€

Francesca Dress milk whiteEmbroidered cotton dress

starting from 225,00€

Fancy Special Occasion Blazer powdered roseBasketweave cotton jacket

starting from 275,00€

Comtesse Dress goldJacquard smocked and embroidered dress

starting from 795,00€

Tam Mary Janes goldLeather Mary Janes with strap

starting from 175,00€

Celene Blouse raspberryOrganic cotton printed openwork blouse

starting from 165,00€

Faye Blouse milk whiteEmbroidered cotton blouse

starting from 135,00€

Charlyne Dress raspberryOrganic cotton midi dress

starting from 245,00€

Ella Mary Janes pink blushLeather Mary Janes with strap

starting from 155,00€

Temaggie Formal Coat pinkManteau en twill

starting from 345,00€

Lou Blouse whiteBlouse en popeline

starting from 125,00€

Ella Mary Janes linden

starting from 135,00€