The Bonpoint Special Occasions 2022 Collection

Our ceremony collection honours the craftsmanship of our designers, pattern makers and cutters who work in together to create models with contemporary cuts and precious fabrics (taffeta, silk, velvet, etc.). 

The vaporous taffeta dresses rise under volatile layers of tulle, and the silk dresses reveal a unique know how, in details of brilliance, embroidery and encrusted pearls. The magic of this collection is reflected in the impeccable jacket pant or velvet short ensembles for boys and girls, and in the airy lace collars and sleeves.

Gold lamé skirts and sequined tutus are worn under black cashmere jumpers seamed with pearls. 

Lightweight jacquard jumpers, unisex suit jackets and coats with faux fur collars seal the lightness of the look.

A limited edition suitcase full of surprises. This season, the Bonpoint calendar is back with a new concept: creating a “full house” while counting down the days till Christmas. This exclusive and modular case can be used either as a playful doll house or as a decorative object. With an eco-friendly mindset, the case holds sustainable items designed to endure over time.