An enchanted forest fairytale 

Once upon a time, in a beautiful glade kept secret, under ancient trees and the immaculate white of winter’s first snow, Valentin, Vivienne, George and their forever friends gathered. Together they were to begin preparing the grand party of the Enchanted Forest.

At the heart of this excitement, Owl kept an affectionate eye over this joyful little gathering. Once again, under his watchful gaze, the children and their friends, the rabbits, bears and reindeer….will search for the thousand wonders of the Enchanted Forest.

Robin is the first to have found gifts in the Enchanted Forest. May the grand preparations officially commence!

Vivienne, the eldest of the children of the Enchanted Forest, adores surprises. Under the glistening snowflakes, she has invited everyone to wear their Jacquard jumpers knitted from the softest and warmest wool. They’re ready to prepare the grand party.

To prepare the Enchanted Forest party, the children have decided to gather the most beautiful branches to decorate their tipi and the glade. Valentin has put on his favourite jumper, adorned with his most-loved animal, reindeers.
Here he comes, singing a merry tune and carrying a magnificent branch.

The next morning, the rabbit siblings have hopped their way to the glade to continue preparing the grand party. So impatient to begin, they have forgotten to change out of their pijamas. Never mind….they still look extremely elegant.
Discovering the first decorations, they squeak with joy. Shhh, or you’ll wake up Valentin, Vivienne and George!

Valentin and Vivienne wake up at last, and run to collect their most precious objects. A snow globe for the brother, and a fluffy dog for the sister. They mustn’t forget to put them under the fir tree.

Oh goodness….another wonder from the forest. The fox sisters have received their outfits for the grand party. Divine velvet dresses, of the most opulent red, with precious detailing. They are paired with golden slippers. Both are so impatient to try everything on.

The great party draws closer.

Robin decides to welcome his friends with a few drops of this glorious perfume. Gentle and sparkling, he will captivate them with it’s floral notes. The boxes will also be wonderfully perfumed on the night. Clever Robin!

So that the magic of the evening is at its pinnacle, the animals have placed scented candles in the snow. They glitter like a thousand stars. The gently scented notes of bitter orange, neroli and orange blossom twirl to the rythm of the crisp evening breeze.

The children have gathered some of their gifts on the magic sledge. They have added little suitcases for any adventurous walkers that might stumble upon their fesitivities.
They contain a cuddly rabbit and perfume, enough to spoil any unexpected guest.

Under the moon’s gleam, Baby bear admires her delicate dress, made from smocked and sparkling silk blend lamé, before putting it on.​
How pretty she is! She sparkles just like the snowflakes. She will be the party’s polar princess.

Vivienne et Valentin ont réuni les derniers paquets trouvés dans la forêt merveilleuse ! Ils les ont empilés sur la seule luge encore disponible. Quel succès ! Ils attendent maintenant de l’aide du loup blanc parce que même avec le hibou, ils n’arriveront pas à tout emporter.

Now that everything is ready for the children…Vivienne and baby rabbit wonder what might be in this giant package! Baby rabbit clings on and asks Vivienne to gently rattle the box, to hear what might be inside. They so want to open it and see!

The magic of a snowy winter’s night.

The joy of being together, admiring the sky and the stars, holding hands with friends.
The moon shines down on this joyful gathering.
Happy Holidays!


illustrations : @Paris.Milie